Becoming the Hero
of Your Own Story

How well you travel is totally up to you.

Don’t judge your life based on the choices you've already made.
Simply decide to answer the call! I followed my BLISS, and because of that choice, my journey has led me to share my story with you in a way that might inspire you to begin your own Bliss Journey.

Like Dorothy on the Yellow Brick Road, you have a journey to take.



  • Suffered from anxiety, depression, and other behavioral health issues

  • Struggled to find joy or satisfaction in your career

  • Noticed the scars that remain from adverse childhood experiences

  • Felt like something is missing from your life but you aren’t sure what

  • Frequently compared yourself to others on social media

  • Wondered what it would be like to feel more joy in the present moment

If you answered "YES!" to any of
those questions, this book is for you.

  • The 14



  • 1.

    Become the you that you already are

  • 2.

    Follow Your Bliss

  • 3.

    Find your real friends (who glaringly stick out)

  • 4.

    Value controlling your own destiny 

  • 5.

    Pay the heavy cost of freedom

  • 6.

    Understand the other balance sheet

  • 7.

    Embrace the significance of being relaxed

  • 8.

    Experience the power of decompression

  • 9.

    Spend 96 minutes on you

  • 10.

    Respect the awesome power of the mind

  • 11.

    Change or live a life of quiet desperation

  • 12.

    Let go of the monkey traps

  • 13.

    Question conventional wisdom

  • 14.

    Make decisions, accept the results, and relax


Simple, yet complex; purposeful and profound; candid but compelling.  All describe the literary prowess of Michael Drake in The Bliss Journey.  Through his poignant and powerful journey of self-discovery we vicariously learn how to shed false perceptions and open ourselves to embrace and accept the authentic person that resides within us. Take a ride on a fantastic journey! 

Beverly Robertson, President & CEO

Greater Memphis Chamber

We all have a remarkable story to tell.


About a decade ago, 14 ideas came to Michael. They are principles that can help seasoned leaders and entrepre-neurs from any background re-write their story and become the hero they already are.


Join Michael as he discusses his own journey through the study of one of the most unlikely heroes in all of literature, Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.

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