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Meet Michael

Equipping people and teams
to be powered by BLISS.


J Michael Drake

A CEO from age 30, Michael’s three decades in business have included acting as a crisis manager, a turnaround specialist in banking and finance, and a company founder, pioneer, and industry maven in technology services.

Having discovered a unique process for transformation, Michael authored The Bliss Journey: Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story, which is a set of 14 principles for any organizational leader designed to help them and their teams develop a culture of Bliss - the powerful intersection of Purpose and Peace.

The book is available from these major retailers.

The Book has launched! 

And Michael speaks to Tom Koulopoulos about the journey that led him there (See The Bliss Journey page for excerpts)

Michael discusses the Bliss Journey in his personal and professional life

Service to the city and beyond explored in this interview on the We Believe in Memphis show.

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